What Final Fantasy’s lunar history could mean for FFXIV: Endwalker

What Final Fantasy’s lunar history could mean for FFXIV: Endwalker

The Final Fantasy series is filled with mechanics and ideas that have been reused for decades, from the job system to crystals. One of its more obscure recurring motifs is the moon. Since the early ’90s, Final Fantasy games have turned to the moon for everything from world-ending antagonists to cuddly new critters. Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion, Endwalker, continues the series’ lunar fixation, taking players to the surface of the moon as it wraps the free MMO’s nearly decade-long story arc. Fan theories abound as to what to expect when the Endwalker release date arrives, and we think past uses of the moon could provide some clues.

Before we kick off, it’s worth noting that there are some major story spoilers for a bunch of games in the series, including Final Fantasy IV, VIII, IX, XI, XIV, and XV. So read on with caution.

The first proper use of the moon is in Final Fantasy IV, which establishes the existence of a second, red moon with a race of moon folk called the Lunarians. As well as Lunarians, the moon is home to a rabbit-like race known as the Hummingway and is also the resting place of Bahamut, Lord of the Eidolons.

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