The League of Legends animated series hits Netflix this fall

The League of Legends animated series hits Netflix this fall

Riot Games and Netflix have announced that the League of Legends animated series is coming to the streaming service this fall, and they’ve dropped a brand new teaser trailer to help start building the hype. Arcane is going to dig into the backstories of the MOBA game’s champions Jinx and Vi, and it all looks highly cool.

When it was first announced in 2019, Arcane was said to be set in “utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun,” and that it will tell the origin stories for the two iconic League champions, who have long been rumoured to be sisters.

League of Legends fans quickly identified Warwick, Dr. Mundo, Ekko, and Ezreal in the initial announcement trailer, but they’re less sure about who the shadowy, cloaked figure in this new teaser is. Some feel the staff suggests Viktor, but others point out several details that don’t line up – although it’s possible that, being an origin story, Arcane shows Viktor in an earlier form that’s a bit different from the way he appears in the game now.

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